Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

P.O. Box 8
Cohasset, MN 55721

June 2015

6/1/2015 (Mon.) 9:00a-VBS
9:15a-Pastor Zeige’s Bible Study
5:15p-Preschool Board Meeting

6/2/2015 (Tues.) 9:00a-VBS
2:30p-Memorial Blood Drive

6/3/2015 (Wed.) 9:00a-VBS
5:30p-Prayer Time
6:00p-Congregational Voters Meeting

6/4/2015 (Thurs.) 9:00a-VBS
6:30p-Band Practice

6/5/2015 (Fri.) 9:00a-VBS

6/6/2015 (Sat.) 4:00p-Individual Prayer Time

6/7/2015 (Sun.) 8:30a-Early Worship
9:45a-Education Hour
11:00a-Late Worship

6/8/2015 (Mon.) 6:30p-Church Board

6/9/2015 (Tues.) 8:00a-Set Up for Rummage Sale
9:30a-Bible Study at Church - Shirley Stenerson Hostess

6/10/2015 (Wed.) 7:00a-Spring Rummage Sale
5:30p-Prayer Time

6/11/2015 (Thurs.) 7:00a-Spring Rummage Sale
6:30p-Band Practice

6/12/2015 (Fri.)

6/13/2015 (Sat.) 4:00p-Individual Prayer Time

6/14/2015 (Sun.) 8:30a-Early Worship
9:45a-Education Hour
11:00a-Late Worship

6/15/2015 (Mon.) 9:15a-Pastor Zeige’s Bible Study
6:00p-Christ’s Crew
7:15p-Elder’s Meeting

6/16/2015 (Tues.) 9:30a-Bible Study at Church - Carol Larson Hostess
3:30p-Ruby’s Pantry

6/17/2015 (Wed.) 5:30p-Prayer Time

6/18/2015 (Thurs.) 6:30p-Band Practice

6/19/2015 (Fri.)

6/20/2015 (Sat.) 4:00p-Individual Prayer Time

6/21/2015 (Sun.) Fathers' Day
8:30a-Early Worship
9:45a-Education Hour
11:00a-Late Worship

6/22/2015 (Mon.)

6/23/2015 (Tues.) 9:30a-Bible Study at Church - Judy Riley Hostess

6/24/2015 (Wed.) 5:30p-Prayer Time
6:00p-Book Club at Bixby’s at the YMCA

6/25/2015 (Thurs.) 6:30p-Band Practice

6/26/2015 (Fri.)

6/27/2015 (Sat.) 4:00p-Individual Prayer Time

6/28/2015 (Sun.) 8:30a-Early Worship
9:45a-Education Hour
11:00a-Late Worship

6/29/2015 (Mon.) 7:00a-Valley Fair Day
9:15a-Pastor Zeige’s Bible Study

6/30/2015 (Tues.) 9:30a-Bible Study at Church - Virginia Trumble Hostess

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